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Epic Content Marketing


What is the future of media? What is the role of content marketing your organization?  How does content marketing change the design of an organization? What do the low barriers of entry to publishing mean for you? What role does advertising have in the total marketing program?

Listen to this podcast with consultant, author and global expert Joe Pulizzi to get some answers. During this interview, you’ll learn how companies like P&G, RedBull and John Deere use content marketing to win in the marketplace.  Best of all, you’ll learn how you can do it too.


Total Running Time: 43 Minutes

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To build your company’s capacity for Epic Content Marketing, you may need to think differently about the way you operates and think about the traditional roles and responsibilities of employees. While content marketing won’t replace the need for traditional advertising, it will have an impact on the way your company communicates with your customer, employees and business partners. In a business world where every advantage counts, Epic Content Marketing might just be your secret weapon.

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Author of Epic Content Marketing

Joe Pulizzi author of Epic Content Marketing


Joe Pulizzi is a leading global expert in content marketing. He is the author of three books including Get Content Get Customers, Managing Content Marketing and his latest book Epic Content Marketing. Joe is the founder of the Content Marketing Institute and Founder of the world’s largest conference on content marketing called Content Marketing World. Joe helps companies get started in creating their own media through content marketing.


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Content Marketing Institute

Content Marketing World


Joe’s books are


Epic Content Marketing

Managing Content Marketing

Get Content Get Customers 



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