10 Things I learned about Branding this week: Branding and your promise

What is a scout without honor?

What is a scout without honor?


 Branding & your promise

A brand is an important driver of much more than advertising and marketing, it is a driver of corporate culture.

A brand is essentially the trust and belief that people have about your organization. The challenge is how to align your company’s perception of the brand with the audiences perception of your brand. How do these people feel about your company and the experience you have given them? Basically a brand is a promise wrapped up in an experience (Thank you Ross Smith).

The questions to keep asking yourself are:

How do your customers feel about the experience you have given them?

How can your company make the experience greater?

A classic example of this is Starbucks. They focus on each and every customer.  They try to make every visit the best one possible.  They only serve the best possible coffee they can.

What about your company?

1. Are you (as a company) delivering a great experience? (looking further than your vision and mission statements, look at your value proposition).

2. Are you as focused on your clients or more focused on sales?

3. Are your employees happy? passionate? invested? (If not, how do you/ can you motivate them?)

A great company repeatedly delivers the best possible experience to each and every client, on a daily basis. Is your company living up to its promise?

Sources:  Ross Smith – The Entrepreneurial Exchange Conference

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