10 Things I Learned About Branding: Week 2

10 Things I learned about Branding: Week 2

Branding & Your Image


During my internship as brand consultant with Sleeping Barber, I will take you with me on my quest to understand branding.  This week: branding & your image.


  • Branding is the fundamental pillar of business in today’s society.


  • Branding is replacing advertising. All companies need to tune into their customers feeling about their brand and try to align their vision with them.


  • Innovation is a part of business not a feature of it. In order to survive in today’s market, a business must take risks to be REALLY different.


  • Thinking outside the box provides businesses with two things: 1. Provides greater focus on innovation and 2. Gives an advantage over competitors.


  • Being REALLY different is the only way to set your business a part from your competitors, otherwise you will get lost in the market clutter.


  • The market is cluttered and consumers overwhelmed with products and services. No one is listening anymore, so businesses need to find a way to GRAB the consumer’s attention and hold it.


  • People like to be a part of something bigger. They will buy in easier to a product or service if lots of other people are also buying into it. The message here is to encourage people to buy into something, rather than to sell them on it.


  • ‘Wicked Problems’ are vague problems where there are no set solutions. One must come up with various solutions and work backwards, trying to find out what solution is best.


  • “In order to get your idea spread your product or service must be remarkable, therefore, your product or service must be worth making a remark about” – Seth Godin


  • Having a remarkable product isn’t enough, you need to market it to early adopter and innovators, because only they will listen to you idea and help spread it.

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