6 Brand Metrics to Drive Sales with @stickybranding

Building a brand will generate more revenue.

Building a brand will generate more revenue.


The Interview


Peter Drucker is credited with one of my favourite quotes, “What gets measured gets managed”. This is an important idea to keep in mind when you are building a brand.  The metrics used by a company will shape the behaviour of employees, and thus the culture of your organization.

This is why I’m so excited to share my interview Jeremy Miller, President of Sticky Branding.  A couple of months ago, Jeremy published a provocative article titled 6 Brand Metrics to Drive Sales. Jeremy’s article challenged my thinking around common terms like Reach, Velocity, Lost Revenue, Frequency, Volume and Trends.

Jeremy and I took a deeper dive into the meaning and rationale of these brand metrics and talk about how you can make them work for your company.


Total Running Time: 39 Minutes.


You can download the interview HERE or listen to the interview with the player below.



About Jeremy


Jeremy Miller is the Brand Strategist and President of Sticky Branding.  He helps mid-market companies stand apart from competition, attract customers and grow sticky brands.

Jeremy is active on Twitter @StickyBranding and has built an active LinkedIn group called Sticky Branding of over 30,000 members.  Jeremy is also the author of Nobody Likes To Dance Alone: How to Grow A Social Media Community.


3 Lessons from Sticky Branding


1. Anytime your sales cycle slows down its a symptom of a brand positioning problem or area of customer doubt.

2. Discounts beyond strategic initiatives are an indicator of a lack of differentiation.

3. Build a strategic plan, and then set the metrics that build the behaviours to support the plan.


The Questions


How do you define reach? (1:25)

What is velocity and how does a company measure it? (5:13)

Why is discounting bad news for brands? What can brands do instead?  (10:27)

How do you define frequency? (15:55)

How does social media relate to Volume of leads? (21:19)

Are there any software services that simplify data collection and can help a company quickly gain customer insight? (26:12)

Are there any specific kinds of training, employees or leadership philosophies needed to carry out these types of metrics?  (34:50)


Your turn. What metric is most important to your brand growth?


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