Brands As Patterns Interview with Marc Shillum


Patterns exist in nature, art, geometry, architecture, music and even brands.

Patterns exist in nature, art, geometry, architecture, music and even brands.


How do you build a brand in the disruptive and fragmented media landscape of today’s digital world?  Marc Shillum has an answer and it’s not about repeating messages on traditional media.  In an incredibly insightful article called  Brands as Patterns, Marc that lays the foundation for building a coherent brand in the digital age.  In this podcast, Marc and I discuss how brands can become more agile, adaptive and relevant in this modern media world.



Total Running Time: 1 Hour 6 Minutes

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Some of the topics Marc and I discuss in this podcast are:

– marketing as truth departments

– consistency + relevance = coherence

– change management and drills

– influencer marketing

– building empathy

– modern brand tools

– music as branding metaphor

– what companies can learn from surfers

– why Coca-Cola will be irrelevant

– Matternet and disruptive innovation for product delivery

About Marc


Marc Shillum is the Chief Experience Officer at an innovative transportation start-up company called Matternet. He is also the Founder of Chief Creative Office He was formerly the Global Head of Brand at Medium and VP of Brand Development at R/GA where he worked with global brands such as Nokia,  HBO, Nike, Chanel, Aston Martin, American Eagle, Hewlett Packard and L’Oreal.

Marc’s article Brands As Patterns was published in Fast Company, Contagious Magazine and PSFK. It lead to an opportunity for Marc to give two wildly successful presentations at SXSW. Marc is on Twitter @Threepress and LinkedIn.

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