Can great brands be built without a great culture?


My suspicion is that great brands and great cultures are inseparable.  Rather than have this debate with myself, I decided to ask one of the most respected and thoughtful brand builders in the world.


Ross Smith is the founder of the international brand design and strategy firm called Brand Builders . Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ross on several client projects. I’ve always been in awe of Ross’ ability to put branding in simple terms.


Ross’ passion for branding is what started my own personal journey into the branding industry.  For that I am ever grateful to him.  However, I am not grateful to him for getting the Bananorama version of “It ain’t what you do it’s the way that you do it” stuck in my head for the past 3 years. Seriously, its a viral strain of Kung Foo Fighting for brand thinkers.


It was my honour to speak with Ross about the connection between brand and culture and what you can do build your company into a great brand.  Below you’ll find a video and a podcast.




Ross and I Cover These Topics


– Organizational design

– 4 D’s of branding

– Personality Brands versus Product Brands

– The big mistake that BlackBerry made

– The glue that unites all aspects of brand

– What to sort out before you change your logo

– Why your logo shouldn’t drive your branding decisions

– How brand owners can leverage social media

– Storytelling and brand myth

– Your biggest problem in branding is that you think you own it.

– What’s love got to do with branding?

– Tim Horton’s and Love Marks

– What Rolls Royce means to Ross

– Why passion and sincerity help build brands.

– How Singapore Airlines create customers for a lifetime

– How you can engineer delight for your customers.


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For more information, you can reach Ross


eMail: ross @ brand-builders . com

Skype: Mindshelfbali

Twitter: @MindshelfRoss 


Additional Resources:

Lovemarks by Kevin Roberts

The First Janitor in Space told by Mickey Lonchar

Customer Journey Mapping by Canvanier

Business Advice from Charles Tyrwitt by CEO Nick Wheeler


What do you do to strategically engineer customer delight?



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