Crowdsourcing for open innovation and branding with Sharon McIntyre

Crowdsourcing: outsourcing a task to volunteers

Crowdsourcing: outsourcing a task to a crowd of volunteers.   Photo Credit to Pedro Szekely


What is crowdsourcing?


“It’s like outsourcing, but with volunteers” says Sharon McIntyre, the Chief Marketing officer for a Chaordix. Chaordix, (Chaos + Order and pronounced Kay-Or-Dix) is the global leader in crowdsourcing for open innovation.  Together, Sharon and her colleagues help organizations tap into the wisdom of the crowds for new market insights that lead to brand, social and product innovation.

Crowdsourcing is a powerful tool for any company. Over the last few years, Sharon and Chaordix have helped organizations like IBM, American Airlines, Lego and Proctor and Gamble apply game-changing processes to market research and customer intelligence.

Sharon was kind enough to spend nearly an hour with me to answer a few questions I had about crowdsourcing.



What is Crowdsourcing?

How does Crowdsourcing work for innovation?

Where does ethnographic consumer research fit into crowdsourcing?

Isn’t a company better off keeping their innovation secrets locked up?

Is it possible that there would have been crowdsourcing without social media?

Is crowdsourcing a new fad or the beginning of a new form of innovation?

Does the communtiy become part of your marketing arm?

When doing research are social rewards as valuable as financial rewards?

Can I use my company Facebook page to create a crowdsourcing community on my own?


The Interview

Total running time: 48 Mins.


Download the podcast here


5 Tips to start crowdsourcing on your own:


1. Start with a crowd that already exists. Ask your current customers for feedback or start with your employees.

2. Build trust and reciprocity.

3. Have fun.

4. Innovation is a spectrum from sustaining to disruptive. Start with sustaining innovation and work towards disruption.

5. Don’t go idea hunting. You’ll end up crushed with 1000s of ideas you can’t manage. If you want to innovate, you’ll need to distill ideas.



Additional Resources:


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I will give away a copy of Jeff Howe’s book called Crowdsourcing.

To enter the contest,  leave a comment or link for other crowdsourcing information in the comments below.

The winner will be randomly chosen by me on Friday December 27th 2013.










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