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The Interview:


You know the saying old habits die-hard? That’s as true for advertising as it is for smoking, eating, exercise or any other habit.  No matter how much we know, read or study a subject, it’s often painfully difficult to break our old behaviour. The same is true for taking advantage of digital and social marketing today.

I used worked in Radio and TV sales.  At the time, our main competitors were newsprint and the Yellow Pages.  I was one of those guys licking my chops while watching the Yellow Pages die. I’m not happy that people lost their jobs.  It was terrible for them. However, from a business point of view, I expected a windfall for TV and Radio.  I assumed advertisers would move most of their Yellow Pages budgets to more modern mediums like radio or TV.  

I was wrong.  

During the Yellow Pages death spiral, I spoke with hundreds of former Yellow Pages advertisers and came to a surprising conclusion. Most advertisers prefered to bypass the ‘unknown’ mediums like TV and Radio. Instead, they either reinvested in the old familiar newsprint or their bottom line savings.  As I said, old habits die-hard. 

Over the last five years, I’ve often wondered where social and digital media fit in a marketing plan.

In my experience as a traditional media account manager, I got to see how hundreds of business owners view media.  At worst, digital and social media was seen as useless, scary and unproven media. At best, some clients would treat these platforms as marketing experiments and lend a little leftover money to test their returns.

Fast forward to today and we find digital and social media among the most pervasive, profitable and powerful media on the planet. As marketers, the question you and I have to ask now is not do they work, but instead is any marketing strategy complete without digital and social at its core?

Mike McCready was kind enough to help answer questions like these.


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1. How should companies think about the hierarchy of media for their marketing plans?

2. How do I decide the best media platform to reach my business goals?

3. Can we use traditional audience segmentation (ie. Adults 18-34) to segment social media audiences?

4. Are their advantages for pay-per-click advertising versus pay per impression?

5. Can you talk about the old versus new ways of marketing?

6. Do advertisers need more openness to the potential uses of social media?

7. How much of social media success is dependent on experimenting and failing?

8. How can leaders leverage millennial to understand social?

9. Are there specific requirements when building a social / digital marketing strategy?

10. If a marketer is thinking about strategically coordinating micro-content campaigns across multiple media platforms, isn’t that more work than before?

11. What tips can you share for someone who is managing social and digital media?



About Mike McCready:


Mike McCready is a pioneer in Alberta’s digital advertising world.  Over the past 14 years, Mike has been a consultant, manager and evangelist for social and digital media.  Mike is a respected speaker, trainer and web developer.  You can reach Mike on his website  or on Twitter @MikeMcCready


3 Key Lessons:


1.  Don’t be everywhere on social. You can spread yourself too thin.

2. Give yourself time to experiment. Don’t dismiss a 6 second video before asking “How might we…”

3. Choose 1 or 2 core social platforms and rock them before moving on.


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If you made Digital and Social Media your first choice media for marketing, how would that change your company?




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