What gets measured gets done – managing employee engagement

    Peter Drucker was absolutely right when he said, “what gets measured gets done”.  This means that the metrics you choose to measure your employee’s performance will shape their behavior and values.  Over the last 15 years in … [Continue reading]

3 steps to manage your brand’s online reputation

In this article I'll describe 3 steps to help you manage and measure your brand's online reputation and give you a few ideas a brand matters.   The 3 Steps to manage your brand reputation   Three main steps build great brands. … [Continue reading]

What can traditional marketers learn from search engine marketing?

Search engines are an important research tool for consumers and have a big influence on a consumer's final purchase decision. According to a recent consumer behaviour study, at least 4 of every 5 people search online for information about a product … [Continue reading]

Five Ways To Improve Your Sales and Marketing Funnel

Look at your industry from the customers perspective

When you're looking to grow your business, the sales and marketing funnel is a natural place to start.  The sales & marketing funnel goes by many names such as The Purchase Funnel, The Conversion Funnel and The Customer Path to name a few.   No … [Continue reading]

Self-Directed Learning Project In Brand Growth

Self-Directed Learning

My resolution for this year is to get smrter by putting myself through a self-directed learning course focusing on brand growth, sales, marketing and innovation.  Below is the full course outline including learning objectives, schedule and 50 of the … [Continue reading]