What makes great leaders? Insights from the military and business world with @vincefowler

Lead by example.

  The Interview   Throughout my career I've often wondered, what makes great leaders? I've been fascinated by both kinds of leadership, those who simply hold the title and those who have earned the trust and respect of a following.  As … [Continue reading]

Building an Agile Organization? Learn about The Connected Company from author @DaveGray

The best business book I've ever read

  The Interview   In this interview, Dave and I discuss how to manage and organize a company in face of the complexity brought on by rapidly changing mobile, digital and social technologies. In the content below I've added a list of … [Continue reading]

Why Troublemakers and Dreamers Are A Leaders Best Source of Innovation

Dreaming is the Metaskill of innovation

  Troublemakers and Dreamers   The Metaskill Dreaming (innovation or applied imagination) needs instruction at every level of an organization. For any company leader, a great place to source your training material is with the … [Continue reading]