Can great brands be built without a great culture?

Ross Smith of Brand Builders

  My suspicion is that great brands and great cultures are inseparable.  Rather than have this debate with myself, I decided to ask one of the most respected and thoughtful brand builders in the world.   Ross Smith is the founder … [Continue reading]

The Most Powerful Force in Business? Storytelling Podcast with Michael Jorgensen

Storytellers draw us in

  The most powerful force in business is not a spreadsheet, CEOs or advertising.  According to many, including filmmaker Michael Jorgensen, the most powerful force in business is storytelling. Without stories, spreadsheets are just rows of … [Continue reading]

“You’re All Media Companies” A reply to Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvee)

Gary Vaynerchuk's new book teaches all of us how to tell better stories

Gary Vaynerchuk is brilliant.   Gary wrote a great article on LinkedIn challenging business to stop acting like advertisers and start telling stories.  I like it Gary. Adapt or die. Publish or Perish.  I liked the article so much I began … [Continue reading]

Social media during crisis communication with @JacobGeorge – The Sleeping Barbershop Podcast #2

Downtown Calgary Underwater photo credit:

How should your company respond  to an oil spill or an environmental disaster? What would your team do if sensitive news leaked about your company? How do you protect your company reputation during a crisis? How can you use social media to keep up … [Continue reading]