The Sleeping Barbershop Podcast #1 – @MartyNeumeier on MetaSkills

Metaskills: 5 Talents for the robotic age by Marty Neumeier

  Marty Neuemeier is a legend in the world of branding, innovation and design thinking.  He is the Director of Transformation at Liquid Agency and author of 4 incredible books that have changed my entire perspective of what business can … [Continue reading]

True Mind with Andrew Warner – Sleeping Barbershop #6

Andrew Warner, Founder of Mixergy

Choose greatness - focus on True Mind thoughts   Does self-doubt keep limit your potential as an entrepreneur? Do negative thoughts prevent your business from being great?  Do you ever think "I can't do this", "I'm not good enough" or "I … [Continue reading]

The Sleeping Barbershop #4 – Social Media and Branding with Dr. Jessica Langer

A brand is at the centre of every business function

In this episode of the Sleeping Barbershop, I speak with marketing expert Dr. Jessica Langer about the role social media has in branding your company. Given the length of our conversation, I've split the interview into three parts.   5 key … [Continue reading]

A shortcut to building a better brand

Brand Growth System

Building a great brand isn't magic, it's about working a system.  The system I've outlined below is a shortcut to building a better brand. Great brands take years to build, 10 to be exact, and are built on 5 pillars. 1. Leadership 2. … [Continue reading]