Social media during crisis communication with @JacobGeorge – The Sleeping Barbershop Podcast #2

How should your company respond  to an oil spill or an environmental disaster? What would your team do if sensitive news leaked about your company? How do you protect your company reputation during a crisis? How can you use social media to keep up credibility?

Jacob George has been through communication hell and high water.  Literally.  Jacob (@JacobGeorge) is the Manager for Corporate Marketing and Communication at the City of Calgary.  Jacob was in charge of the communication operations for the City of Calgary during the enormous flood in spring 2013.  Jacob and his incredible team were in charge of updating the evacuation for over 100,000 people from flood waters that damaged or destroyed 1000’s of homes and dozens of communities.  You can see a timeline of the flood here




Downtown Calgary Underwater photo credit:

Downtown Calgary Underwater photo credit:



Listen to this podcast with Jacob to learn:

1. Why your absence from social media is a risk to your company.

2. Which tools and social platforms the City of Calgary used to communicate during the flood.

3. The City of Calgary strategy for maintaining credibility during a crisis.

4. Why the first hour of crisis communication is so important.

5. The 4 Box model the Calgary crisis communication team used to support control of their message and strengthen their brand.

6. How you can measure the return on investing in social media beyond making money.

7. Why social media will fail without leadership support and what you can do to get buy in.





How do you think Calgary did managing their crisis communication?

What other companies have done a great job?


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