The Sleeping Barbershop #4 – Social Media and Branding with Dr. Jessica Langer

In this episode of the Sleeping Barbershop, I speak with marketing expert Dr. Jessica Langer about the role social media has in branding your company. Given the length of our conversation, I’ve split the interview into three parts.


5 key messages

1. Leaders should take an interest in learning about social media before handing over the company’s online reputation to an intern. A recent report by McKinsey found that the number one reason digital initiatives fail is due to a lack of support from leadership.

2. Be selective about the social platforms you invest in. Don’t spread yourself too thin, it’s much harder to make an impact when you’re spreading your resources and energy.

3. Two-way dialogues with customers build brands.  Learn to listen to customers and think about how they are a part of your brand building process.

4. Your company culture may need to change with the new expectations of real-time conversations with customers.  Place decision-making in the hands of the social media manager.

5. A brand is at the centre of all company  functions.


A brand is at the centre of every business function

A brand is at the centre of every business function



Part 1

What is a brand?

Where does social media fit in branding?

What do Chief Marketing Officers need to know to start on social media?

Why is Google + important?



Part 2

A few tools to help you share your content.

Do I need presence on every social media channel?

Why should companies get involved in social media?




Part 3

Summary of key points

How does a two-way dialogue with customers change brand building?

How do you control the conversation?

What is the impact of “real-time” marketing?




Dr. Jessica Langer teaches an MBA course in social media for marketing and business management at the Schulich School of Business at York University and “Digital Branding: Frontiers and Futures” in the prestigious McMaster-Syracuse Master of Communications Management program down at McMaster University. Dr. Langer also runs a social / digital media agency called Ideas in Flight.  If you want more information about Dr. Langer, you can reach her by email at or on Twitter @DrJessicaLanger 

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