Sleeping Barbershop #5 – Business innovation with Russell Giesbrecht

Welcome to episode #5 of the Sleeping Barbershop. Russell Giesbrecht is a business innovation coach and the founder of the company Whole-Brained Thinking.  In this interview, we discuss why business people, teams and organizations need to use both left and right sides of their brains to overcome challenges companies face today.   In this conversation we discuss:

  • Why innovation is important for business growth.
  • What you can do to help your company innovate.
  • The challenge of balancing innovation with efficiency.
  • Roger L. Martin on the need for Design Thinking in business.
  • How the structure of a company affects its ability to innovate.
  • The two operating systems a company needs for sustainable growth.
  • A process you can use to help your company solve challenging problems.




Russell's Design Thinking Process for solving tough problems

Russell’s Design Thinking Process for solving tough problems




Russell's Model for Whole-Brain Thinking

Russell’s Model for Whole-Brain Thinking

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