The Sleeping Barbershop #3 – Consumer Journey Maps with Stephen Abbott

Welcome to the Sleeping Barbershop episode #3.  I had a great conversation with Stephen Abbott about what brand touch points are, how a customer journey map can help you identify them and how you can create your own customer journey map to help you deliver remarkable brand experiences.



Here are a few key points

1. Brands live or die with engagement – There are so many places where a customer interacts with a brand.  For your brand to gain equity, you need to make sure the customer is aware they are interacting with YOUR brand and not another.

2. Brand touchpoint – Any place where a customer and your company interact.

3. Branding is a system – Experiences through marketing consistency build great brands. These experiences range from packaging to products to employee interactions to trade show booths to your advertising.

4. Trust employees to create your brand – Create tools and training for your employees to be ambassadors of your brand. Then let them create human experiences with your customers.

5. The map is never done.  Use the template below to get you started.  Once you’ve mapped out all the different touch points, keep it visible and work with your executive team to build training around the key touch points that will differentiate your brand from your competition.



Stephen Abbott is a Brand Strategist working out of Vancouver, B.C.  You can find out more about Stephen at or chat with him on Twitter @sjabbott

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