The Sleeping Barbershop – Marketing Personas with Ernest Barbaric

Welcome to episode 2 of The Sleeping Barbershop with Ernest Barbaric.  In this week’s episode, Ernest and I talk about how to use and create specific personalities of your target market. These are marketing personas. The reason you’d want to create one for your business is because they can help you better spend your marketing resources such as time, people and money.



All people within a large target demographic are not the same. For example every 30-year-old male is not the same. Apple understands this and created one of the most memorable advertising campaigns in recent memory using live characters of their marketing personas.


Mac vs. PC are marketing personas brought to life

The Mac vs. PC characters are marketing personas brought to life


Ernest’s Marketing Persona in brief:

1. Hero Within  – Pearson Archetypal System is a great place to start building your marketing persona.

2. Advanced Marketing Persona – include job title, buying behaviour, a picture and the language and phrases your target persona uses.  Empathy maps are very helpful tools to paint the picture.


What do you think are the benefits of a marketing persona?  Is it worth the work? 


Ernest Barbaric is a digital marketer and professional speaker.  You can find more about Ernest by visiting his website or talking to him on Twitter @ebarbaric 

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