The Sleeping Barbershop Podcast #1 – @MartyNeumeier on MetaSkills

Metaskills: 5 Talents for the robotic age by Marty Neumeier

Metaskills: 5 Talents for the robotic age by Marty Neumeier


Marty Neuemeier is a legend in the world of branding, innovation and design thinking.  He is the Director of Transformation at Liquid Agency and author of 4 incredible books that have changed my entire perspective of what business can be.


Marty’s three earlier books: The Brand Gap, Zag and The Designful Company are each remarkable.  Each has been recognized as groundbreaking works by Fast Company, BusinessWeek and Harvard Business Review.  Zag: The #1 strategy for high performance brands was recently named as one of the Top 100 Business books of all time.


In this podcast, Marty shares insights on each of the 5 Metaskills for innovation
Feeling – Empathy

Seeing – Systems Thinking

Dreaming – Applied imagination for problem solving

Making – Prototyping

Learning – The opposable thumb of each Metaskill


Listen to find out how you can use the 5 MetaSkills to build a bright future for yourself and your company.



Total Running Time: 55 Mins


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  1. Jeff Nelson says

    Great interview. Well done. Interesting. I listened to all of it. Sadly, I had never heard of Marty Neumeier. Not a bad comment on Marty, more just my lack of awareness. So thanks for introducing me. :)

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