The Sleeping Barbershop: Social Business with Phil Gerbyshak

Phil Gerbyshak is a leading expert who explains how social media is changing your workplace to a social business and explains what you can do to adapt. .  Among so many great points, Phil offers some three specific tips to help companies adapt to this transition.

First, you have to choose to measure.

Second, know your customer lifetime value.

Third, calculate the investment you are making into social to get a conversion.

Watch the rest of our conversation here.



What is your opinion?


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1. What is Social Business?

2. What makes social business different from traditional business?

3. What should companies do to win the in the social marketplace?

4. What are the three most important things a company can start today to get more ROI from their marketing?

5. How does storytelling fit with the marketing messages in a social business?


Phil Gerbyshak is a leading social media author, speaker and trainer at Milwaukee Social Media.  You can reach Phil on his website at or on Twitter @Philgerb

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